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With one discounted Discover America Nordic membership fee you will become a full member of Discover America Sweden, Discover America Denmark, Discover America Norway and Discover America Finland. The membership brings you one step closer to 1.4 million annual visitors from the Nordic Countries.

Differences between the Nordic countries are relatively small, so all essential points cover all four markets where:

•  Nordic region is the fourth largest inbound travel market in Europe to the USA.

•  Nordic tourists spend more money than the average European tourist on food, accommodation and attractions while on holiday.

•  Nordic tourists have 5 to 6 weeks paid vacation each year.

•  The level of income in the Nordic countries is generally high and a record-high percentage of income is spent on travelling.

•  Nordic tourists are the best tourists in the world in terms of adaptability to foreign cultures.

•  We are seeing more direct flights from major Nordic cities to the U.S. every year.

•  On average the majority of the Nordic people take at least one vacation each year.

More and more Nordic travelers head beyond the borders of Europe in search of unique experiences, culture, local people, active holidays, shopping, restaurants as well as luxury travel. While the Nordic countries are sparsely populated, the Nordic region is the fourth largest inbound market from Europe and Nordic tourists are among the world’s highest spenders. The high spending power facilitates frequent travel, and almost nowhere in the world do people travel abroad as often as Nordic tourists. Current data confirms that Nordic tourists are planning even more holiday travels in 2023 and beyond.

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